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  A Sincere Thank You
to all our bidders and buyers for a hugely successful
2015 Premium Sourced Cattle Bull and Female Sale.

89 Total Bulls Sold:

Angus and SimAngus™ Bulls Average = $7232
46 SimAngus™ Bulls Average = $7876
43 Angus Bulls Average = $6543
19 SimAngus™ bred heifers sold for $3000
Buyers Represented Twelve States:
Oklahoma Montana Kentucky North Dakota South Dakota Wyoming
Colorado Texas Nebraska New Mexico Missouri Kansas
SimAngus™ High Sellers  
Lot 1 = $40,000 2/3 interest
TUEL “Cowmaker” A3032
Schiefelbein Effective 61 x RRJS Miss Legacy 615X (Mr. NLC Upgrade U8676 full sister)
Wicks Cattle Co, ND; Jac’s Angus, AR; Tri-State Loomix, CO; Craig Uden/Agri Steer, Inc., NE;
Standridge Cattle Co., AR/OK; Pembrook Cattle Co, OK; May Cattle Co., WI; BK Cattle Co., OK
Lot 13 = $10,750 1/2 interest
TUEL Dream Better A3041
CCR Dream Better 3058T x RRTT Miss Upgrade 507X
Wicks Cattle Co, ND
Lot 10 = $10,250 1/2 interest
TUEL “Winchester” A3030
CCR Dream Better 3058T X RRTT Miss Upgrade 619X
Ed Basler, CO
Lot 6 = $15,000
TUEL Effective A3023
Schiefelbein Effective 61 X Tuell Ms. Upgrade 1105Y
Bryan Hauxell, NE
Angus High Sellers  
Lot 71 = $11,000
CCLC Effective 3043
Schiefelbein Effective 61 X CCLC Blackcap 1198
R. Jay Jolly Ranch, CO
Lot 62 = $10,000
CCLC Effective 3078
Schiefelbein Effective 61 X RR E019 Improvement 6606
R. Jay Jolly Ranch, CO
Lot 75 = $10,000
Tuell Effective A3022
Schiefelbein Effective 61 X RR Lady IDA 0220
R. Jay Jolly Ranch, CO
Lot 64 = $9500
CCLC Effective 3033
Schiefelbein Effective 61 X CCLC Yield Grade 1165
R. Jay Jolly Ranch, CO
  You can trust the professionals of Premium Sourced Cattle...
Providing professional procurement and marketing of all classes of livestock is the mission of Premium Sourced Cattle. From high quality calves, feeder cattle to harvest ready cattle, the team at PSC has you covered.

Beyond procurement, Premium Sourced Cattle provides services such as aid for registering bulls, as well as females (commercial, purebred and replacements), and PSC can even help with ranch horses and show steers.

Building a progressive business also means diversifying to areas not as common or easily achieved by others. PSC has expanded their services to also market seedstock bulls and females of all breeds to build a larger customer base for calves and feeder cattle.

Industry Partners keep the business at its best, and Premium Sourced Cattle is proud of these established and growing partnerships. Some of which include: Chappell Feedlot, Tuelland Feedlot, 4 Daughters Land and Cattle, Choctaw County Land and Cattle, Trennepohl Farms and Tuell Cattle, LLC.

  Many of these follow the US Verified Source and Age Verification program offered through a non-biased, third-party audit provider such as IMI Global that verifies the source and age of cattle enabling the producer to add value to their cattle at sale time.

Contact Premium Sourced Cattle today for more information - Billy Hall at 918-244-0154 or bkcattle@netzero.net, Trevor Tuell at 970-630-4108 or tuellcattle@hotmail.com, or Roger Tuell at 970-630-3290 or rogertuell@hotmail.com.
Premium Sourced Cattle, LLC
Billy Hall • Phone: 918-244-0154 • Email: bkcattle@netzero.net
Trevor Tuell • Phone: 970-630-4108 • Email: tuellcattle@hotmail.com
Roger Tuell • Phone: 970-630-3290 • Email: rogertuell@hotmail.com
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